Monday morning motivations

hit pause - 1
17th July 2017

Hit pause.

Hey there, we’re back! The reason for the hiatus was a lot of things, mostly the fact that we were living life and I didn’t want this space to get in the way of truly being present.… Read the rest

3rd April 2017

Brewing tunes – April

We’re entering a new month and a new season. Those heavy coats are being packed away and the sun is starting to set a little later. It’s that time of year when everything feels just a bit brighter, the stress a a little lighter and the general mood noticeably sweeter.… Read the rest

stay where your feet are
16th February 2016

Stay where your feet are

Be present, or “stay where your feet are” as I once heard it described.

Such a simple thought that proves so difficult. In a noisy society filled with so many distractions this is something that’s become so much harder to tackle.… Read the rest

show up
1st February 2016

Showing up

We all have those days when there’s something we just can’t bear to even think about conquering. Maybe its dragging your feet out of bed on a dark Monday morning to head into your work week or maybe it’s that mid-week meeting looming over your head.… Read the rest