Life abroad

19th August 2016

Five lessons from four years

Warning this post  is both parts gush + reality. As we enter our anniversary month I’m reminded of the little things, the things so easily neglected because of life’s busy schedules, travel plans, or just plain unawareness of how easy it is for time to speed on by.Read the rest

the new girl
16th September 2014

Navigating the New Girl Era

Surely you’ve had that dream where you’re falling off the cliff? What about the one when you’re at the end of the aisle on your wedding day and completely unprepared. How about the one when you go to scream and nothing comes out?… Read the rest

31st March 2014

Awkward greetings.

Weddings bring a variety of people together. Some close friends, distant relatives, strangers or a spouse of a friend that, just-so-happens to be an immigrant and not fully aware of the greeting etiquette, like me.… Read the rest