Weekending Readings

breakfast in bed
10th March 2017

Weekending Reads

It doesn’t matter if I’m working from home or if I’ve been on-the-go 24/7, there’s still something special about that Friday feelin’. Lets be honest: it’s partly due to the lack of sleep my body so desperately craves + hopes for, and partly because that’s when all of the fun catch-ups + conversations happen!… Read the rest

weekending reads
10th February 2017

A dose of weekending reads

Why hello February. Who is glad that we’re inching our way that much closer to spring? Who is not glad that Mr.Groundhog has other thoughts on that issue? Either way we’ve made it through January, some have started knocking out some serious goals and others are still contemplating about what they want out of 2017 – both deserve a pat on the back.… Read the rest

cozy up weekend
23rd September 2016

Memory makin’ or rest?

Sometimes we have those weekends when memory makin’ comes easy, or the kind when rest comes in an abundance. This weekend we’re going with the latter. After looking at the diary and realizing that these next few months are going to zoom right on by, this two day break calls for some¬†downtime.… Read the rest

fun on tap
30th July 2016

Fun on tap

Bring on the fun, bring on the lazy mornings, bring on the rest, bring on whatever it is that makes this weekend a good one for you. Oh, and bring on August, although it’s seemed to arrive way before schedule, we’re still happy to see you.… Read the rest