30th July 2016

Fun on tap

Bring on the fun, bring on the lazy mornings, bring on the rest, bring on whatever it is that makes this weekend a good one for you. Oh, and bring on August, although it’s seemed to arrive way before schedule, we’re still happy to see you. Just hoping that you have some sunshine in store. Please?

To those in America where it seems that a heatwave is gripping the Nation, we’re all jealous so enjoy it. Beach it up. Head to the pool. Grab a cold one, whatever it is that you get to do in the glorious sunshine.

fun on tap

This morning you can find me flippin’ through the latest issue of Garden and Gun, day dreaming about a wrap around porch, while sipping my way through a fresh pot of coffee, OR skimming our favourites from around the web this week. My kind of Saturday morning fun.

Join us below…

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