8th February 2016

Footwear for the men

mens shoes

There’s a good chance that your man, like most men, probably doesn’t spend too much time (or money) thinking about finding new footwear. This is where you come in. Sometimes guys need that little extra push to finally get rid of those beat-up basketball shoes and finally find something new.Read the rest

Weekending reads
5th February 2016

That weekend feelin’

For some it’s all about Superbowl weekend festivities and for others pre-Valentines date nights are on the cards, whatever the case it’s February. Meaning there’s light (literally) at the end of tunnel and if we listen close enough we can hear Spring knocking at the door.… Read the rest

4th February 2016

On autopilot.

Just the other day I was sitting under some sunshine (rare in these parts) journaling my thoughts, intently reading my bible study, and just having a moment of “me” time. But there was this underlying feeling that’s been lingering for a few weeks now.… Read the rest

show up
1st February 2016

Showing up

We all have those days when there’s something we just can’t bear to even think about conquering. Maybe its dragging your feet out of bed on a dark Monday morning to head into your work week or maybe it’s that mid-week meeting looming over your head.… Read the rest