13th February 2018

Second trimester feels

…And just like that the second trimester came as fast as it went. I can hardly believe that we’re now here, just weeks away from welcoming our two little world changers into our family and big beautiful life. I’m filled with ALL kinds of emotions on a consistent basis. They tend to go from complete excitement to a reality check, like is this really real and we aren’t living in some sort of dream world?

So since my last update (over 13 weeks ago!) so much has changed and the excitement continues to build. Here’s a little recap…

Have you found out the gender? Of course we did! I am terrible at keeping secrets and waiting on surprises, from the moment we found out we were expecting I wanted to know if baby was a he or a she. If you follow me on Insta you’ll know that the secret is out, we’re having two little baby boys! To be honest, I was completely convinced that we were having girls. I may have even bought a few outfits in the sales. Now I couldn’t imagine anything other than being a boy mom.

its a boy

Names? I think we’ve finally fallen in love with two names for these little men. We’ve started sharing them with close friends and family and I may have started the monogramming game. Because hello, that’s essential right? I think we will wait just a little longer to share their names publicly and for now let it be our little secret.

Size of the baby? Apparently my babies are currently the size of an acorn squash each. S’s app has them weighing in at the size of a baseball bat each? At my last growth scan they estimated baby A to be about 2.5 pounds and baby B to weigh about 3 pounds. Both great, growing weights for these littles, we’re so thankful!

How have you been feeling? I’m feeling surprisingly well! My doctors weren’t sure how my health would sustain two growing babes, but God is good and He has carried me through almost problem free. I’ve had a recent hospital stay for a little proactive top up of antibiotics to keep these lungs strong, but other than that it’s been smooth sailing! I’m obviously more breathless the bigger this bowling ball gets, but I think that’s to be expected with most pregnant mommas. Now our prayer is that I continue to feel well and that these babies continue to stay content for a few more weeks!

baby bump

Movements? This has probably been the most annoying part of pregnancy. Due to an anterior placenta and scar tissue from previous surgeries, its been difficult to feel the movements of the babies as often as I probably should. It just means that I’ve had to go in for a little more monitoring, but I’m happy to report that all is well! In fact, the sonographers continue to comment on how acrobatic our little babes are, I’m just not feeling them ha! Thankfully, that hasn’t kept S from feeling them here and there. The other morning as soon as his hand went on my stomach our little guy gave him a good morning, hello kick. Cue heart melting!

Sleep? Not amazingly. Some say it’s your body preparing you for sleepless nights!? But this sleep thing has not been easy. Getting up to go to the bathroom 5+ times a night paired with a bowling ball attached to you, doesn’t help. I’m trying to let myself have a 20 minute mid-afternoon nap to help. I’ve also found that a pre-bedtime warm bath seems to help some. I’ve just started to learn to enjoy catching up on some reading in the middle of the night.

Cravings/aversions? Still craving salty things, olives have been my go-to. I’ve also been enjoying ice lollies (popsicles for those in the US), not sure if it’s necessarily a craving, but I’ve been having one (or two or three) almost every evening. My appetite still only allows me to eat little and often, this whole pregnancy it’s just never been possible to sit down and eat an entire meal in one setting. You live and your learn what works, for me it’s grazing all day long.

Can’t wait for…? Oh goodness, there’s so many things to come that get me so excited! I’m looking forward to my baby shower this weekend and celebrating with friends and family. Of course we can’t wait for the moment that we lay eyes on our little miracles!

Highlights? I love every time we get to see our littles on the screen wiggling and moving around. It seriously makes my heart skip a beat every time. I’ve also loved getting the nursery prepped and watching Stephen build all of our baby products that keep coming in. I swear it’s all the little things that become such big things when we’ve waited through this long journey. Just the other day I was washing some of the clothes we’ve bought and received and as I was folding the teeny-tiny little pieces I started to get all teary again!

itty bitty baby clothes

Hubs? I just love his excitement through the whole process. From the first time he saw them on the black and white screen to the first time he felt them kick, my love for him as he prepares to be a Dad just continues to grow.

Nursery? Nearly complete! We’ve gone with a grey and white theme with a few pom pom accents thrown in. I love the clean, but cosy feeling of the space and can’t wait to show you once it’s finally finished. There’s just the finishing touches left really, a side table, lamps, hamper and possibly some other little bits and pieces to make it feel nice and homely.

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I promise to get better at updating you on this journey and all of the excitement still to come. Thanks for following along and for all of your continued encouragement and prayers – they mean more than you know!