Entertaining 101

Sesame Street birthday
2nd April 2019

1st Birthday Celebration

I’m a believer that birthdays are too precious, too important and too exciting to only give them a day. I’ve always been that way, birth month or bust. Naturally, you would think that I would have been pinning my little heart out as the boys’ birth month approached.… Read the rest

27th July 2016

A grown-up slumber party

If you’re like me you remember those nights of endless chatter, the ones when before you knew it you found yourself somewhere in the wee hours of the mornings. The nights when bellies were full of junk food and hearts were full of laughter.… Read the rest

homemade salsa
23rd February 2016

Tasty homemade salsa

With the sun we’ve been having around here it’s caused me to start dreaming about our first summer gathering of 2016. Our house is continually open, we love hosting and catching up with friends and family over delicious food and drinks.… Read the rest

13th May 2015

Summer Southern Soiree

Some things are just institutionally southern; friday night football games, mommas sweet iced tea, country music, tailgate parties, a devotion to good manners, front porch swings, appreciation for fresh crops, harvest time and hometown festivals.… Read the rest