2nd August 2016

For the love of dogs

I’ve always loved four legged friends. They’re the loyal kind, the get excited-always-happy-to-see-you little nuggets, the ones who will still make you smile on a no-good-very-bad kinda day and nothing short of our biggest fans. So it’s no surprise that since S and I got married I’ve been nipping at the bud to add a fluffy one to the mix.

for the love of dogs - meet lola

After three and a bit years of nearly taking the plunge + one night of ¬†scrolling the internet and coming across a picture of the cutest little pup, there was no turning back. A sweet family needed to find a loving home for their new addition because they could no longer care for her, and after one visit we were hooked. The most cuddly little Cavapoo came home with us then and there. Lola has the sweetest heart and she’s quickly become the most adorable little sidekick. I’m a believer that animals are one of life’s most beautiful gifts. They will change your life and certainly capture your heart. Lola¬†teaches us love, gives us a hands on lesson in patience and preps us for that pending season when little ones are one day running around.

for the love of dogs

I’m in no way going to start comparing our little bundle of fluff to having an actual child, hear me. But given the tough few years we’ve had with failed attempts of IVF and many ups and downs filled with moments of great disappointment, we’re in love with our little pooch and how she’s fit so seamlessly into our lives. One of the items on my ’30 before 30′ list was to have a baby, so I’m going to go ahead and put a tick by this one because our little pooch has us wrapped around her pretty, prissy little paws. Plus, we’ve put the baby thing on hold until after the big 30 celebration to enjoy some more time with just the two of us (three of us now) and given that I want every. single. item. checked off – I’m considering this one a tick.

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for the love of dogs

If you’re riding the fence about getting a pup why not start by adopting one? They’ll likely be potty trained and ready to easily slip into your life to make it, well, complete. You’ll never look back and two lives will be forever changed – there’s and yours.

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