20th July 2015

From stay-at-home mom to CEO

Sometimes circumstances cause us to change our trajectory, reevaluate what we’re doing + why, and in this case it prepared the way to discover a new passion.

Afton Roberts, born and raised in the mid-west was transplanted to the south where “y’a’lls” are a plenty. While staying home to raise her two young children she was inspired to start a jewelry line that spoke to the southern roots and also appealed to those of her native, Ohio.

Crystallized Necktize

With nothing to lose she started making bullet + crystal jewelry and gaining the interest of local boutiques, Crystallized Necktize was born. Afton has been recognised by online companies like Lilli and Tori, and it seems that country singer Lee Brice’s wife is a fan.  

Afton continues to work hard and grow her company + dreams of making unique products known to women all around the country and afar. We so delighted to have her on The Brew today to share with us a little background about starting her business + her passion behind the product.

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Afton Roberts


Tell us briefly how Crystallized Necktize came about?

I have always loved fashion, but I actually studied Education in college and taught Kindergarten for 5 years.  After staying home with my 3-year-old and new-born it was then that  I used my creativity and created Crystallized Necktize.   

 What was your biggest fear when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

I had nothing to lose when starting my business, but I did have the fear that it may not be what God wanted for my life.  I continued to pray about it and show my designs to boutiques all around. I’m still very new at my new-found love and will continue to overcome lots of things along the way. 

Where do you find creativity/inspiration for CN?

Believe it or not my inspiration comes from my Dad! He not only is a wonderful hardworking man, but he had played in the NFL where he “walked on” out of high school.  He had everyone telling him he couldn’t make it, and even began thinking  himself “this can’t happen to me” to walking right on and having an amazing career.  I often think back to that and his story inspires me over and over again throughout my life and business ventures.

Do you envision a particular woman when designing your products?

I don’t have one particular woman in my mind when I design my jewelry.  I see lots of very strong hard-working women, that work hard at their jobs or at home and can throw on any one of my statement pieces and be dazzled to shine wherever they go!

What's the best part of your job?

Being able to work from home, travel around and still be the best mommy that I can be. The challenge of not knowing whats around the next corner is exciting and motivating for me.

What does a typical day in the life of Afton look like?

A day in my shoes consist of learning this new adventure of running my business, creating new designs + making local stops at boutiques and of course raising my two wonderful children. I would love to pitch that I have this fabulous business owner life, but truly the most fabulous thing about a day in my shoes is that I’m just like “you” running errands, juggling kids, laundry + being a wife along with a business that I’m growing.  In turn I just want to encourage everyone to absolutely follow your dreams and goals.

What's your favourite brew?

Oh definitely a Fruit Tea with Boba, and if you haven’t heard of Boba its a must to search and find! It adds so much excitement to your drink!


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