11th September 2015

Never forget

I can still recall exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment that our country was forever changed. As I stood in disbelief watching the towers crumble my heart was hurting. No one I personally knew was among those wounded or killed but they were still ‘my people’ and it was on our American soil that we were being attacked. My heart goes out to all of those affected on this horrific day and my overwhelming feeling of gratitude goes out to all of those brave responders who risked their lives to save the people of America.


On this day every year I’m reminded of this, we live in a country full of brave men and women, united under one great nation. Our country experienced complete devastation, but it also revealed bravery, unselfishness and brought to light that freedom isn’t free.

Here’s to remembering those affected by this event. May we never forget.


I’m heading to my most favourite place in the entire world in just a few short days and I’m on excitement overload. NYC is my happy place and I can’t wait to kiss her sweet face again real soon! So my weekend will be filled with prepping and packing for a mini holiday. Be sure to follow _TheBrew on periscope to get updates on when I will be doing my first “Periscope from the Park” (Central Park that is!). Until then, have a gorgeous weekend!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend crank up your favourite tunes + make it a good one. When you sit down to sip your brew, skim through a few of the links that have caught our eye this week…

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