1st September 2015

The next right thing

Because sometimes life isn’t always roses + beautiful sparkly dreams. Sometimes this thing called life is down right tough. Sometimes, dare I say, that getting those toes out of bed on a Monday morning is like living a nightmare. Please tell me that you, too, have had a post alarm clock snooze and dreamt that you were actually out of bed and getting ready for the day, only to realise you were still just dreaming of doing so?? Lucky for us on this side of the pond we got to delay the manic Monday until Tuesday, thanks to the summer bank holiday. But it rained. It was grey and it called for a little stroll through the mall, a coffee and staying in doors.

getting out of bed

Sometimes we can be cruising along at a high altitude with not a cloud in site when suddenly a rain storm comes and tries to knock us off course. Be it a dilemma at work, a family crisis, some unexpected news or a to-do list too high to even imagine tackling. We’ve all been there. And on those days, instead of beating ourselves up, there’s one thing that we can do to push through. One simple action to keep us going and keep ourselves from coming to a complete stop. That simple thing is this – just do the next right thing.

Be alive, be present, be aware of what is in front of you. You may not have it all together but you have you + talents and personality that only you can bring. You have a dream waiting to be unearthed. You have more passion + purpose than you realise. But instead of letting the big brash world pull you under just do the NEXT thing. Not EVERYTHING, just the NEXT thing. You’ll soon realise that by choosing to do those next right things, they will add up to a tidal wave of movement in the right direction. Some days you’ll be able to do a lot of things but on the days when you feel beaten up, just do the next right one.

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