3rd April 2017

Brewing tunes – April

We’re entering a new month and a new season. Those heavy coats are being packed away and the sun is starting to set a little later. It’s that time of year when everything feels just a bit brighter, the stress a a little lighter and the general mood noticeably sweeter.

This month we’ve selected some of our favourite tunes to echo all of those springtime feels. Tracks to mirror how we feel sippin’ our coffee under the morning rays, to how we feel makin’ our way back home with the windows down and the tunes cranked up. We’re willing to bet that these tracks will add that extra spring in your step wherever you find yourself in the daily grind.

So who’s excited!? I mean, the simple and free things can sometimes be all we need to lift our spirits, change our mood and give us the motivation we need to tackle our day like the bosses we are.

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