17th July 2017

Hit pause.

Hey there, we’re back! The reason for the hiatus was a lot of things, mostly the fact that we were living life and I didn’t want this space to get in the way of truly being present. The more time I have to reflect, I realize that one of my attributes is that I’m an all or nothing kind of person (Thanks for that Dad). It can be a great thing or seemingly debilitating. If I’m picking up the house, I’m deep cleaning. If I’m working on a project, it’s all the hours until it’s done. ¬†I knew that if I needed to show up on this space then there would be late nights editing, blog-worthy photography and time devoted away from where I wanted to be. So I hit pause. I decided that this could wait and time away creating lasting memories couldn’t.

hit pause - 1

Isn’t that true with life though? Many of us have a slew of titles and wear many hats ranging from mother, friend, colleague, volunteer and boss to the cook, cleaner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, writer, creator and¬†chauffeur. We feel a constant pressure to be all things, and all things well. To rest would mean to be lesser than, or show a sure sign of weakness right? Wrong.

Sometimes we can all use a moment of calm and space away from the 24-7 news, constant flow of emails and endless to-dos. Resting, breaking and pausing, makes room for other things in life that we all so desperately need.

hit pause - 3

We weren’t created to be in a constant state of anxiety and weariness. We’re not meant to bend until we finally break. Instead we’re created to be completely free. Free to choose our days wisely and create space for what’s important. Free to say no (amen?). Free to live a life to the full. Free to be in the present.

All of these things start with a pause.

hit pause - 2

This whole concept is still a work in progress. We’ve not perfected it in the slightest, but we’re realizing more each day that it’s necessary.

Do you feel like you can relate?

Are you desperate for a little less stress and a lot more pause? It’s easier than you think, but it all starts with a choice.

*I’ve sure missed this space and happy to be back! Watch this space, over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing about life lately, the adventures that we would recommend and we’ll have some new “Be Inspired” features to share. Stay tuned!