27th July 2017

Favourite podcasts

From a commuter’s companion to a great gym buddy, podcasts are an easy way to do two things at once. While keeping two hands on the wheel you can catch up on the latest news. While pushing through those last few reps of a workout you can take your mind off of the task at hand. Podcasts can give you the pep talk or encouragement you need, educate you on something you may not otherwise have known, or simply be a source of entertainment. The variety of podcasts are seemingly endless.

So whether you need something to motivate or have some free time to engage in something other than music or a good book, here’s a list of my favourite podcasts at the moment.

How I Built This

This podcast speaks straight to the entrepreneur’s heart. It highlights a variety of influencers, CEOs, innovators, idealists  and the movements they built. It’s definitely a podcast that will leave you feeling like you too can accomplish that dream stirring in your heart! If you haven’t listened yet, get it on your list. The inspiration from one of these stories could be the very thing that spawns the next great ‘it thing’.

My favourites: TOMS: Blake Mycoskie, Kendra Scott, Virgin: Richard BransonKate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

We all know Happy Hour is the best hour, but it’s even better when Jamie Ivey is the host! This is an easy listening kind of podcast. It’s one that I love listening to while at the gym to pass time or put on while doing house chores. Jamie Ivey, holds interviews with a variety of women making a difference, influencing their world, and accomplishing great things. Ivey digs deep to discover how they started, what kind of obstacles they’ve faced and how they’ve handled them. She likes to say she chats about “the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in-between. Picture getting together with a group of your best girl friends and discussing topics including marriage, faith, children, parenting, sorrow, grief, joy, justice, books and that’s the kind of feel you’ll get when listening to this podcast.

My favourites: Happy Hour #137 Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, Happy Hour #126 Sazan Hendrix, Happy Hour #118 Emily Ley

Katie Couric 

It’s simply this, since watching her every morning growing up on Today I’ve loved her. I love her interview style and the compelling way she is able to tell a story with such sincerity. I love her authenticity and the way she deals with the hard things that life brings, head on. She brings just that to her podcasts. Her infectious personality comes through with everyone she interviews and although I don’t always agree with her politics, I just love her!

My favourites: Ina Garten, Sheryl Sandberg: Living Option BBob Costas: Voice of the Olympics

Making it Matter

Because, sometimes a dose of inspiration is just what we need to gain a perspective. It’s obviously close to my heart because it’s stories of triumph from CF patients, but I think it could teach and encourage all walks of life. I always say that CF isn’t who I am, I don’t give it a head title in my identity, but it’s because of it that I’m stronger, fiercer, and believe that a life is worth living and living to the full. You’ll find continuous stories of just that on Making it Matter.

My favourites: Being a Mother with Cystic Fibrosis,  24hr Fitness Challenge, Backing with CF

There are so many podcasts to choose from but these are just a few of my favorites! Besides the obvious brain power that a podcast can bring, it also holds up to the old saying of “killing two birds with one stone”. You can multitask while getting a good dose of inspiration, encouragement and knowledge about topics you might not have otherwise.

Happy Listening!

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