joy vs happiness
26th February 2016

Joy vs. happiness

We will have hard days, weeks and maybe even months or years, that are lined with treachery and challenge. Life is hard, and at times it’s likely to feel unfair. But oh – how more beautiful does that make the miracles, the day when the dreams we’ve been so faithfully sowing into are complete?… Read the rest

27th May 2015

When keeping up keeps us back

If I was a gambler and had lots of money, both of which I’m thankful I’m not & don’t, but stick with me here, I would put it all on this – that we’ve all thought and even convinced ourselves at some point in our lives that things would just be better if we lived there, did that, had those friends, that kind of money and those clothes.Read the rest

25th August 2014

Put down the gloves

It’s easy to put on a mask, especially across social media and to those who don’t know about your everyday struggles, and act like you are on a constant high. That everything in the world is peachy keen and challenges are few and far between.Read the rest