16th August 2016

Gold medals all around

Let’s here it for the USA who’s leading the medal tables (if you haven’t noticed already on Instagram Stories┬ámy husband and I have some hardcore rivalry that goes on during the games).

There’s just something about the Olympic games that sends excitement, nerves and goosebumps into overdrive. It takes me back to when I was a little girl staring up at the gymnasts completely mesmerized. There’s something so amazing about talented individuals paired with complete determination that is oh-so inspiring. There’s no doubt that hard work, dedication, and sacrifice goes in to every performance with an eye on the prize. It’s such an emotional moment.

golds all around

Thursday night when we settled in to watch the women’s individual all-around gymnastics competition it’s like I was there with them. When they wobbled my heart sunk, when they celebrated I celebrated, when they cried, yes, I too cried. There’s one thing that other countries can’t doubt, that is the fact that the USA fans are loyal, loud, but loyal. We put our emotions on the floor with every single competition. The medal count means less about the number of wins and more about all of the hard hours of blood, sweat, and tears finally paying off. Those athletes are representing what America is all about, working hard for what you want out of life.

After recalling these moments it painted a beautiful picture of what God is like with each of our daily lives. He created us, formed us with no detail going unknown or untouched, he counted every single hair on our head and spun our world into motion. How incredible that, that very same God sits back everyday and watches us approach our everyday lives. He cheers us on, He pours out His grace when we stumble, He hurts when we hurt, He sits back with anticipation at what we’re going to do and make of the life that He’s created for us. The best part? At the end of the day, despite the kind of trials and hard times life has given us, He still thinks our performance deserves as gold medal.

How beautiful is that? It’s our job to take hold of every opportunity, it’s our responsibility to make the most out of this life we’re given, to live our days full of purpose and passion, but at the end of the day – we’re still granted gold.

Take that away as you approach the rest of this week and the rest of 2016 (can you believe we’re over half way through this year!?)

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