14th August 2015

Happy Relaxation

A la weekend, time to let down your hair, toss on your Pjs and de-stress from the week gone by. This weekend more than others, because since there’s pretty much a holiday to claim everyday in the diary, this is one we welcome with arms wide open. Hello August 15th, also known as International Relaxation Day,¬†you won’t find us complaining!


Often the only time we relax is when we are intentional and make time for doing so. With a million and one things vying for our attention this important verb just doesn’t come easy and so regularly gets overlooked. So this weekend, in tune with the holiday, I’ll be trying my best to kick up my feet, take an extra bath (or two, or three) and calm my spirit from the busyness that this life brings.

However you decide to unwind, be it a bath, a lie in the hammock or soaking up some vitamin C on the beach somewhere beautiful, why not browse some links that have caught my eye from around the web this week. Remember to take the time to do what makes you happy. Turn of the phones + soak up all of the beauty that’s surrounding you.

Because who doesn’t love chic books sprinkled around the house!?

This home decor is what dreams are made of.

How to master the comeback kid known as the classic Mary-Jane.

Poppy Louise is the cutest new addition to the Bush family, we think you’ll agree.

What celebrity couples teach us about divorce and marriage.

Healthy eating doesn’t seem so bad when it’s packaged like this.

The comparison game is a losing battle, but that doesn’t keep us from playing at some point or another.

This beautiful soul has been nominated for BlogLovin’s travel blogger award, will you join us in voting for her?!

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Happiest of weekends to you dears!

T xo