17th August 2015

Monday Motivations

The alarm clock sounds and you remember that those two days of needed rest have now been etched in the history books and Monday morning is knocking at the door. Loud + hard. The blues set in + you start convincing yourself that just ‘5 more minutes’ of sleep will make a world of a difference. Have you ever been there? I like to think I’m a morning person (after coffee that is) but moments before my feet hit the ground nothing seems more enticing than snuggling back up under the covers and drifting off to dream land. Self doubt begins to riddle my mind and the once, molehill-of-a-week-ahead, actually does begin to take the shape of a mountain. In those few moments of the early morning I start to question my purpose + my mind floods with all of the things that need my attention in the coming days, while my body continues to urge itself back to comfort and sleep.

coffee and newspaper

But what if by shifting our perspective just a little we could make getting out of bed a little easier? Exciting in fact? I’m here to tell you that it’s as simple as a single choice, view this day with opportunity or see it as a chore + a steep mountain too hard to climb.

I can guarantee that if you intentionally vow to choose the former you’ll begin to view the start of the week as a weapon to conquer the dreams you want to see come to pass. This Monday AM, rain or shine, slow or fast-paced, with a mile long to-do list or a crying baby begging for some attention, you’ll never get today back. You’ll never be able to re-live August 17th 2015, ever again. Today is a new day filled with new opportunities, new encounters, new possibilities, new potential and renewed energy. Yesterday is history – today is new. Fresh. Clean. Blank pages begging to be written upon.

So on this Monday I encourage you to do one of the following in order to start making a habit of changing perspective.

1. Be your own cheerleader. You can have the best support group known to man but they aren’t likely to be around as soon as you wake. I’ve found that by writing an encouraging motto or verse on a post-it note and sticking it somewhere prominent, is a helpful way to remind myself to keep going. I’ve created a Pin board of some of my favourites to get you started.

2. Discover your passion. They say that the driving force behind every successful venture isn’t necessarily ‘what you do’, it’s the ‘why you do what you do’. Having a passion ignites a different energy inside that helps keep you in-tune with the long-term goal. Having a ‘why’ gives you a purpose and a concrete motivation when things look like they aren’t turning out the way you originally thought. [Click to tweet]

3. Start small. No one is asking you to move mountains in a day, or even in a year, or two, or three. Just simply begin, baby steps are still steps. Before you turn out the lights at night write down a few things that you know you must tackle the next day. These can be as simple as sending an email, making a phone call or doing some research. Little movements can create a giant shift, so by just doing the ‘next thing’ can position you even closer to your end goal. [Click to tweet]

On this beautiful start to the week remember to love big, hustle, dream and grab every moment with intent because you can’t get it back. [Click to tweet]

You’ve got this! Let’s tell Monday who’s boss.