15th October 2014

Fall transitional staples

There is something gorgeously invigorating about a bright and crisp fall day. The sun beams provide the perfect blanket of warmth paired with the cool breeze that sends the autumnal leaves spiraling to the ground in an elegant fashion. It also sends us straight to the closet to dig out our best boots and woolly jumpers. And for some, it sends you straight into a panic of frantically sifting through racks of clothes which don’t seem to match the seasonal style.

my favorite trench

In the run up to Thanksgiving, or bonfire night, a challenge that many find is blending staples to suit the weather. Sometimes it can be as simple as pairing your favorite maxi with tights, booties and a cardy. Yet leaves you no closer to pinpointing your seasonal staples, those coveted pieces that you can bank on year after year to carry you from summer to fall in a seamless swoop.

So today we’re sharing TheBrew’s favorite fall essentials in hopes of inspiring you to select a dose of yours.

1. Fall is defined by the browns, auburns, olive greens and sprinkles of mustard yellow hues. The one thing I can count on to complement these tones is the classic trench coat. It’s been a autumn staple of mine year upon year with no signs changing. It keeps me warm without becoming to unbearably hot and it’s effortlessly chic. It’s the perfect item to dress up jeans, a tee + your favorite heels, yet doesn’t diminish a more dressed-up attire.

2. If there’s one item I’m so thankful came back around it’s the over-the-knee boots. It makes a great autumn transition piece due to the coverage it lends to your legs, letting you keep those tights packed away for a little longer. These boots can worn in a number of different ways; paired with leggings and a casual long tee, with jeans and a blazer or with a warm dress showing just enough leg without being overly exposed.

3. Finding the perfect white tee. During these cooler days mixed with sunshine the trick is layering. Finding the perfect tee is essential to mastering this technique. Look for one that isn’t see through, too baggy, is the perfect length to be tucked in and not too slouchy to be left out. To work it in your staples to suit the weather simply pair it with your favorite blazer, or throw on a cardigan + a scarf.

4. Purchase a pair of harem trousers. This effortless pant can be paired with a silk blouse or with a tee. It’s the perfect piece to distract you from grabbing the jeans by default and will leave you looking more fashion forward. Never mind the fact that they are the definition of comfort. Dining at your favorite spot? These might just be your perfect excuse to indulge.

5. Let the perfect felt floppy hat become your best friend over the next couple of months. This can mask the wind swept hair, act as a shield to the chilling breeze and dub as the great accessory to the simplicity of autumn looks.

banana republic trench coat