13th October 2014

Welcome to The Brew

[BREW] def : a mixture of events, people, or things which interact to form a more potent whole.

The Brew is a chic destination of genuine, practical, inspiring and light-hearted advice + thoughts for the wife, mom, sister and friend tackling the obstacles of a busy life with confidence and grace. Here you’ll find insightful advice, fashion + travel favourites, entertainment tips, inspirational interviews, my love of design + decor and my journey of faith. Life can get so busy, so serious, be assured that this is a place where you can drop your woes at the click of a button and enter into a harbour of something fresh, uplifting and convivial.

This site is for the one who’s living out their dream and for the one on a journey to find their purpose + identity. It’s for those walking on cloud nine and for those walking in the midst of challenge + struggle.  It’s about being genuine + authentic, yet walking through this life with grace and our heads held high. We may not always have it all together, but together with the one who created us, we can have it all.

This creative space will be filled with thoughts + advice from other dreamers, those who have tossed off the reigns + gone full throttle towards their destiny, and those who are just at the very start. This space will be a blend of my tidbits and a collaboration with others, so here’s a little insight to what’s shaped my perspective.

To some it could look like I have it all together but I, like every one of you, have a beautiful story + a testimony + something that’s shaped us into the people we are.  I was given a diagnosis at the young age of six months old that equated to my life never being easy. I could have chosen to wallow in that verdict or to overcome. I continue to make a choice everyday to conquer, to press on and be the best me I can be. Why? Because if I don’t who will?

Let me be clear, this isn’t a ‘fake it til’ I make it perspective’, it’s a position of knowing that through my challenge I have the power to be an inspiration + a blessing to someone else. Do I sometimes wilt? Absolutely. But I know that there’s a bigger picture. I know that my story can be that very thing that somebody, somewhere, needs to press on and live their life to the full.

What a domino effect we could have. My sister, we have everything we ever need to change the world right within us. Let’s not only live out our dreams but let’s do it beautifully.

Join me for your dose of The Brew and together let’s make this journey just gorgeous.