17th October 2014

Weekending Reads

pumpkin spiced donuts weekending reads

Not sure how you’ll be ringing in the weekend, but opting for a relaxing few days topped with a bubble bath, breakfast in bed + a good read is a good place to start. Or perhaps hopping around like a social butterfly and packing in as many catch ups as possible is more your thing? Whatever way you choose to enjoy your downtime hopefully it rejuvenates your spirit for another exiting and beautiful week ahead.

One thing’s for sure, with each passing week it brings us one week closer to digging out the Christmas decorations and humming the holly-jolly tunes,  I can hardly wait. So if you’re looking for something other than the latest Pulitzer Prize novel to feast your eyes on, here are some of our favorite, more light hearted, links buzzing around the web lately.

Completely swooning over Lauren Conrad’s Beverly Hills penthouse. It’s not so much the house as it is the incredible attention to detail and her eye for decor.

If there’s one thing every great footballer possess it’s the ability to deliver a powerful locker room speech, but this guy’s speech has made it across the globe and unexpectedly motivated those watching.

Just in time to redecorate one of our rooms and these new arrivals at West Elm pieces will surely do the job.

If there’s going to be a tee-shirt about a ‘selfie’ at least it’s one like this displaying an honest + positive message.

Necessities for our bookshelf when we have little ones, is it ever too early to stock up?

Paying for a windows meal + reuniting an iPhone with it’s owner are some of the beautiful acts of kindness that made Stylist’s top 15 RAOK list.

We’re already dreaming of Christmas and now, thanks to this top 5 list, we’re dreaming of the next European city to add to our hit list during this time of year.

And favorite of the week… someone very special has joined LinkedIn, have you connected? We have!

It’s been a busy one around here as week one of The Brew concludes. I hope you’re enjoyed it as much as we have creating it. It’s only just the beginning…

Here’s to a restful, relaxing + lovely weekend for each of you.

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