12th November 2014

Be Inspired with Meghan Markle

You will recognize her as Rachel Zane from the hit USA series Suits, but Meghan Markle is more than a paralegal dressed to perfection. She consistently draw us into a story in front of the camera, yet has a passion for impacting the world when the cameras are off. Her hard work, determination and ambition that got her to where she is today are some of the same qualities that exude out of everything she does. After speaking to her for this piece is was ever-so evident that her genuine personality, desire to explore the world and her zest for life are sure to positively effect + leave a footprint on anyone she meets.

Meghan Markle

Her impeccable eye for style combined with her conviction for change makes her spirit contagious and her demeanor inspiring. She’s both beauty + brains, editor of her successful website The Tig and counsellor for One Young World. She’s one of those graceful and confident world changers that instantly captures an audience both on and off-screen.

Meghan Markle

We are thrilled to have Meghan here today on The Brew to share what it’s like to be in front of the camera and what she’s passionate about in her every day.


Meghan Markle interview