14th November 2014

Birthday wishes.

Light the candles and blow up the balloons because today is my birthday. The years may be creeping up and I may be inching closer + closer to the big 3-0, but that won’t prohibit me from getting out the party hats and toasting to a beautiful 28 years. There’s no shame here, I’m a believer that each and every birthday is worth celebrating. That the years behind us are a cherished gift and filled with memories that have shaped us. Birthdays are a time to pat ourselves on the back for what we’ve accomplished and to clink our glasses to the best future still to come.


My birthday wish is that you will embrace where you’re at, at this point in your life, be it 30 or be it 60. Or even those in your tweens and early twenties. These years are beautiful. You’re wiser, more beautiful and filled with even more character than the days before. Stop beating yourself up for the million things you haven’t accomplished and give yourself a standing ovation for all that you have.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, the start to the holidays or maybe even starting to do a little – dare I say – Christmas shopping, here’s a little material for your lazy weekend mornings. If of course, you’re lucky enough to sneak in a little peace + quiet, a snuggle and a warming cup of coffee.

You’ll get teary-eyed, hungry and all warm and fuzzy feeling with these latest Christmas adverts –  the holidays are coming!

Looking for an inexpensive DIY Christmas gifting idea for those special gal pals in your life? Here’s a solution.

Does anyone else have T.Swift’s new album on repeat?

These mommys-to-be sure know how to wear pregnancy well.

One thing that spans the ocean is the celebration + honoring of our troops, those that put their life’s on the line for our freedom. There it was veterans day, here it was Remembrance Day/Armistice Day and this is how it was remembered.

Best ‘photo bomb‘ ever. This family’s Christmas card is sure to get a double take this year.

Fancy being neighbors with the royal family? Looks like your chance could be coming.

As part of this bi-weekly ‘Weekending Reads’ post I will be adding a dose of what’s been happening in my personal life or what’s on my heart. Since launching this new platform, that’s one thing that’s been requested to stay.

Here’s to a beautiful weekend!