11th November 2014

Ground rules.

Today we celebrate a mini-milestone. After our first month we’re raising our glasses and toasting to a colossal start to The Brew.  It’s been an intoxicating month to say the least. We’ve shared some of our favorite fancy finds, talked with some moving dreamers + those who inspire change. But the most exhilarating realization is that we’ve only just scratched the surface.

So to you who’s been around since day one, the few popping by for the first time and to the special few of you who began this journey at its inception – thank you.

There is so much collaborative vision for this space and exciting things bubbling up for the future and we think now is the opportune time to recap on what this hub is all about.

The dream for this platform is to see individuals encouraged, inspired and convicted to find their passion, their dreams + to pursue and press out of this life all of the beautiful blessings, challenges, celebrations and victories. To spark new levels of creativity + genius ideas.  It’s about balancing each day with an adequate dose of confidence + grace, injected with heaps of style + glam.

Today I leave you with a few simple rules that we live by on this site

the brew ground rules