22nd April 2014

Stay at home wife

across the pond

Hello , hello – your bloggy twinnies are back with the latest installment of the ‘Across the Pond’ series SAHW style.  We’re talking all about the beauty and definition of our little lives as part time stay-at-home-wifeys.You can read what Elise has to say about everything down below! Then head to her blog, Cheers Y’all, to read my responses to the same Q&A

What made you decide to be a SAHW?

Last summer, my hubby, Mark, and I made the decision to move from my hometown of Charlotte, NC, to the beach. While living in Charlotte, I taught elementary school for four years. Long story short…we decided–together–to make big life changes for ourselves: move, change jobs (both of us), and align our family more closely with God’s design and order.

What does your typical day consist of?

I cannot tell you how much I treasure my day-to-day with this new lifestyle. I work as a nanny from 12-5:30 everyday, so I use my mornings to be in Scripture, blog, work out, grocery shop, run any errands, meal plan, clean, do laundry, etc. That time has been such a huge blessing because when Mark comes home from work each night, I [happily!] have dinner ready, and then we have quality time to spend together sans distractions or to-dos!

Recently, I’ve also been able to manage everything that’s going on with our new home. Mark has expressed how appreciative he is that I am able to pop over to the new house frequently to make sure everyone is on task and getting things done the way we want them done! I’m the one going to Lowes, Home Depot, shopping around for the best prices, getting quotes, making phone calls, meeting with this person and that person, etc. I LOVE am able to do these things that serve our family! Teachers can’t sit at their desks and do these sorts of tasks, so being able to do all of those things is truly a gift to me!

Joy of joblessness?

Such joy. So much joy. I am thankful to work part time as a nanny too because I really can’t imagine my day to day without kiddos involved.

I must note though–I’ve always been the girl who wanted to me a mama. I’ve never been career-driven, which is often a looked down upon thing to say in or society today. When I became at teacher, I knew it wasn’t a career for me. I chose to teach because I knew it would prepare my heart and skills as a mommy one day. I’m telling y’all that not because I think it makes me a special/better/worse person than anyone else. It’s just me. It’s my story. And it’s why ease and joy of joblessness come more naturally to me.


What matters most is doing what’s right for my family despite what the world thinks. And dare I say that my heart, my marriage, and my home are thriving much more abundantly with my new part-time SAHW role. And for that I couldn’t be more thankful.

Wifely duties?

When Mark and I decided that I would leave teaching to nanny and stay at home more, we agreed that my new “job” would be “our home.” The household chores were much more 50/50 when we both worked. Now I’m in charge of everything home related from bills to laundry to cooking to shopping and everything in between. (Well, everything except taxes. Mark is a lot better at those.)

About a year ago, I read through an incredible book called Femenine Appeal: 7 Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother (highly recommend it!!) with several other wives. Throughout the book, we unpacked Titus 2:3-5, and I learned that God really did create us to be managers and keepers of our homes. I treasure being able to live that out with more fullness than I could before. It has been the biggest gift to our little family!

How do you two make it work without working?

We know our end goal is to live on one salary (Mark’s) once we have kids, so we try to live that way now. What makes it easier is that Mark and I are both frugal by nature. We aren’t big shoppers or spenders.

Here’s the big “secret” (that’s not really a secret): we live within our means. We bought our first home! It “only” has two bedrooms…but that alone is more than enough space for us right now!! We share finances 100%. If we buy a luxury item (clothes, an XBox game, home decor, etc), we let each other know about it. Generally speaking, as the grocery shopper in our family, I don’t buy anything that’s not on sale/special. Literally the only place I shop full price is Trader Joe’s. Truth. I can’t say I don’t have time to scour the stores for the best deals in town!

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