15th April 2014

Travel essentials

 The countdown to sunshine is on and the only things that stand in my way are a few days of work and the dreaded task of packing. I should be a pro by now but I still don’t enjoy this process, although I think we can all agree that it’s much better than unpacking? The sun dress, sandals and sunnies are ready to make their debut for the first time this year finally  – hallelujah!

So today it’s all about the packing essentials carry on style.

travel essentials

1. The outfit. It has to be the perfect balance between practical and cutesy. My go-to right now are these floral flowing trousers paired with a comfy tank. Outfit above can be found here & here.

2. A hat is a must because my hair suffers THE worst bed head on the plane. This little guy makes for the perfect disguise, pop it on and your hair nightmare will remain your little secret.

3. The ipad loaded with the latest Giuliana & Bill and my go-to mag apps make for the perfect in flight entertainment.

4. My sbux tumbler goes with me everywhere so to stay hydrated it makes it in my carry on.

5. The sunnies because this trip is looking bright in more ways than one. Bring on the good times and sunshine.

6. To cover up my lack-of-sunshine self, I come armed with sunless tanner. Soltan never lets me down, doesn’t turn me orange and doesn’t leave streaks!

 7. Can’t forget the reading material and can’t go wrong with a little Beth Moore.

8. You also can’t go wrong with a good catch up with People, airports and train stations are the only places that sell American mags so it’s my excuse to stock up.

9. I’m not one for plane food so I typically pack my own nibbles and you can bet one of my eats will be this roasted bean mix – delish and healthy.

10. Lastly is the bag to hold all of my essentials which is essentially my favorite Longchamp. AKA the dump bag. Big enough to hold more than enough and that’s definitely a must for this over-packer.

What are your travel ‘musts’?

  • I have that iPad cover. And girl, I’m obsessed with G&B! Good choice 😉

  • Mine are basically the same- add a scarf (in case the plane is cold) and/or a cardigan… Chapstick and gum and I’m good to go! And now I’m dying to take a trip!!

  • I pack the same but for the overnight flights I carry the little evian spray to hydrate my face when we land and socks so that I dont have to keep my shoes on through the flight haha!

  • Definitely trying that Soltan….I just had a spray tan NIGHTMARE happen to me, so I’m on the hunt for a good self tanner to cover this disgustingness up! Yes, I just made that word up!

    And I NEVER think to put some of my favorite shows on my ipad before I go on vacation. Thank you for giving me the idea!

  • Love all of these! Especially the Longchamp. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but just haven’t made the investment yet!

  • You will be in the sunshine state SO SOON! OMGEEEEZY! AHHHH! So close, yet so far! xx

  • I’m so pale…I definitely need sunless tanner. And I agree with lori, something to cover up on the plane.

  • G&B are my favs!!!! We’re heading to Chicago this week to spend time with family. Robert & I are planning an overnight date in the city (so excited!!!!) and our dinner reservations are at RPM!! 🙂

  • I got a big longchamp for Christmas from Spyros’ mom and I don’t know how I had been surviving without it! They rock! Xx.

  • I always carry too many books! Makes my bag heavy, you know? If I have a book and a toothbrush, I’m golden.

  • I’m with you on the Longchamp …definitely serves as a dumpbag for me too!!

  • I have the small longchamp and love it for every day use. I can only imagine how fabulous the large would be for travel. I bring all the same items plus a pashmina to cover up.

  • Fun! Where are you headed?

  • Definitely smart choices!

  • Love that Longchamp bag! I have the lighter tan one, and I wish I would have gotten a darker one because this one shows dirt so easily! I do love their bags though!

  • I love the sunglasses and the starbucks tumbler!

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