3rd February 2015

Wash the blues away.

So the alarms sounds and all you can think of is any excuse to stay snuggled up in those covers for just a tad bit longer. I get it. And you are not alone my dear. January is the most common time of year for people to sing their own tune of the blues. Survey says that it’s the month when people feel the most down + weary for a mishmash of reasons; bleak weather, holidays concluding and delayed paychecks are a few of the things that just make this time of year a little more blah. Thankfully February is here to show us a little love, but that doesn’t mean the blues are running out the door just yet. It is the beginning of the week after all and even the weekend blues can sometimes be a drag. Anyone with us? Thank heavens we can take some action to reverse the stigma.

Here are a few tips to help kiss those blues away and welcome February with arms open wide.

wash the blues away

One: It’s a simple necessity – plan. Half of the battle is getting motivated when, well, this weather and these long days are the least of that. Make a list of things you aim to accomplish, maybe it’s getting around to striking through those New Year goals? Perhaps picking up that book you purchased months ago and getting lost in literature is next on your list? There’s always something that we can tackle or cultivate, something just bubbling up inside that we think we don’t have time for. The key is to pick something and plan to do it during this time of lackluster. If you put pen to paper, set short-term/long-term goals and make an action plan, you’ll be more likely to follow through.

Two: Add in a dose of ‘you’ time. That’s right, hit the trail, grab the mags, the movies, the books, run a hot bubbly bath and make some you time. Bask, listen, reflect and remember what makes your mojo tick. Tune into the things that inspire you, make you’re world shake. Figure out what it is you want  to get out of the days, weeks, months and a year so full of potential ahead.

Three: Spread love around like confetti. Yes, even when you feel least like doting on someone else, pack those worries away and bless someone. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, in fact, in can be as simple as treating the stranger behind you to a warm and loving curated brew or popping a little snail mail in the post. Sealed with a kiss of course. Whatever you can drum up – do it, we promise you will feel better for it. Being a token of grace to another will in return lift your spirits and bless you – just watch.

Four: Just do something – anything. You’ve probably heard of this scenario before, think of your tasks like eating an elephant – one bite at a time. When you’re buried to the brim with endless ‘to-dos’, a mountain of responsibilities and you can’t possibly see a speck of progress, just take it each task as they come. When we feel like the day to is too big to tackle, just do something, the next thing. Begin. And then take delight in the purpose you play within each and every task at hand.

Whatever this new month and beautiful year brings, remember that you play an important role within the conversations, positions and circles you’ve been placed. Someone, somewhere needs you to show up and get going. You never know what’s at stake.

Oh. and we give you our permission to press the snooze button just once.

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