12th March 2015

The why behind the what

This new platform was created to appeal to a wider audience and to stretch much further than ever before. With each new reader my heart beats with excitement just dreaming about what they are taking away from what we have to offer, and then sharing with their world. Although the voice of The Brew is now a ‘we’ thing, it’s still important that the voice of the ‘I’s’ don’t get lost or watered down, which brings me to what’s on my heart today.

the why behind the what

I’d love for you to allow me to share. I’ll keep it as short as possible and pray that a least a handful of you can relate in some capacity with, ‘The why behind the what’.

the why behind the what

Tomorrow marks the start of a fresh new adventure. One that’s been tossed around, pondered and prayed about for over a year now. Endless nights of deliberation, strategy, fear, confidence and guts have spun around like a battle within, yet have eventually lead me to this final decision. As of Friday I will officially become my own boss. Apprehension is the buzz word at the moment while I’m trying to brush off the ‘what-if’s’ but, more than the reservations I feel, comes excitement.

Saying goodbye to the traditional 9-5 has not been easy, but it’s a decision I know will be so liberating. Some will think I’ve completely lost my marbles and others simply won’t understand, and that’s okay too. But I feel like this ‘labour of love’ that you’ve come to know as The Brew is a vessel to bring inspiration, hope and perspective to an audience well beyond myself. It’s a passion thing. Something that makes my heart skip a beat. It’s already allowed me to come in contact with so many different inspiring individuals, businesses and opportunities. Women with vision and creativity, all equipped to bring something beautiful to our world. Encounters that we, at The Brew, aim to tap into, brew up, and deliver to you.

the why behind the what

No doubt these next few months will be filled with one of the biggest learning curves I will ever face. We’ll no doubt face the best days and some days when we question everything we do. But I’m so ready, and I have so much faith that my purpose is on the cusp of becoming even more of a reality.

So to those who may ask why, here’s my simple answer. When you have a God given calling and something you’re passionate about you’ve just got to go for it. There’s beauty in looking fear straight in the face and telling it to leave. There’s power in heading towards your vision and your dreams. Your faith gets stretched, as does your drive. And my final reason for the ‘why’?

Saying yes eliminates you from ever looking back and wondering what would have happened had you just given [blank] a shot.

The beautiful reality is that my decision against yours, or anyone else’s, doesn’t have a scale of right or wrong. Each of our paths will be different because we were uniquely created. Diversity is attractive. Your talent may soar when you rock up to work at 6am ready to conquer the day, and my skills may flourish when I draft content or meet up with fellow ‘girl bosses’ and spur dreams and vision for whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish, but neither are wrong or right. The only wrong would be not following your passion + your dreams. Wrong would be stifling your purpose in the name of fear. If you go towards that one thing burning inside with all your heart, that’s when it will be right. Be confident. Be bold and courageous. Acknowledge your passion without reservation.

Vision is everything, my ‘why behind the what’ looks like this – let’s see yours?