9th March 2015

Stirring dreams with Natalie Box


There are those in this world who skip to a different beat, who have a rich passion for dreaming and vision that’s ever-so contagious. Those whose energetic spirit is sprinkled like glitter over everyone they meet. Today I have the honour of introducing you to one of these visionaries.

Miss. Nat Box and I met when we were both bridesmaids in a mutual friend’s wedding. She, from the land of Oz and I from the USA, but both¬†perfectly positioned to meet each other at a wedding in England, not the native for either of us. Sometimes we get those rare moments in life when we have a brief encounter with someone and their friendship becomes forever etched on our heart. Lucky for me this was one of those occasions.

the writers ink

Natalie has a plethora of beauty and talents, she shares it with the world through travel writing, voice overs, penning a book about fulfilling your calling and achieving your dreams and as the author of The Writer’s Ink.¬†

This gorgeous one is here today to share how her website came about, a few travel tidbits and her heart for dreaming + what she has stirring up next.

the writers ink

I told you she’s got something good going on, and is every bit of gorgeous as she is sweet as pie. Or as we’d say on this side of the pond, she’s smashing. Rest assured that whatever she’s got up her sleeve next is sure to add beautiful flavour to the world around her. I’d even make a bet that she’ll be appearing on one of those top women influencers lists one of these days not too far from now.

Say hello to Nat at TheWritersInk