15th October 2015

Snail mail at its finest

There’s just something beautiful about getting something through the post, that’s sans bills of course. Snail mail is one of life’s greatest treasures that we pray never goes out of style. But throw in a boxed up gift full of new product to try, and the hearts in my eyes beam a little brighter. This is coming from the person who tries her hardest to buy beauty products when there’s a gift promotion running so that I get those little extra gems.

In recent months there’s been a host of subscription beauty boxes that have launched across the UK. My only unequivocal thought is that I wished I would have thought of this geniusness of an idea first.

Needless to say when Beauty Box + Discovery Box contacted me about reviewing their products I felt like Santa had come early. Both of these companies have put together a perfectly packaged + highly anticipated monthly gift. It’s an awaited visit from the postman every month that’s guaranteed to brighten your day.

Beauty box edited

The Beauty Box:

The Beauty Box is packed with the best of beauty products and offers three different subscription packages. The thing I especially love by receiving this monthly gift is the opportunity I have to stumble upon new and exciting products that I might not have tried otherwise.  The subscription prices range from £11-15 per month. Today you’re in luck because they’re offering a 20% discount if you use the code ‘DROP’. See what’s shown up in previous monthly boxes here.

Discovery box

Discovery Club Box:

Without fail, each and every time that I step foot into duty-free you’re guaranteed to find me spritzing all of the new scents. There’s just something about a new fragrance that makes me feel reinvigorated. It must be said that I seldom waiver from what I know and love, but the opportunity of possibly discovering a new favourite, especially for a new season, is too inviting. This Discovery Club Box is perfect for doing just that and upon joining the postman will deliver a bundle of new fragrances + gift vouchers so you can more affordably purchase any that you want to add to your repertoire. The cost of subscription is £5 per quarter totaling four boxes a year of the newest released scents.

Aside from treating your well-deserved self, this is also a unique gift option for other friends, like yourself, who love receiving mail, the good kind. I’m sure Santa would also make a fair few smile if he slipped one or two subscriptions this coming Christmas as well.

What are you waiting for? The surprise awaits…