12th October 2015

Leave the past behind

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that yesterday is over. I mean wouldn’t it be a pity to have to carry all of that baggage from past mistakes with us into the new day – new season? More of a pity than that is most of us still do (myself included). Most of us carry the weight of the world on our shoulders among trying to perform a balancing act so mightily perfect that no one will see the struggle. We just keep piling on the pressure until we finally have no choice but to crumble.

Sure the past is essential to our growth, it helps prepare us for better things ahead, and teaches us a lesson or two but what it shouldn’t do is define our journey. The weight that we carry is there because either, we can’t let go of the past OR we carry extra weight because of the way we view ourselves, both which we have the power to change. I happen to fall into the second category. Sometimes it’s easy for me to slip into the thoughts of “Am I doing enough?”, “Am I using my time + talent to the best of my ability?”, “Did I make the right decision?” and the biggest gut worry that plagues my mind is “Am I fulfilling my purpose?”. I found it much easier when I worked a 9-5 job and could in a second tell people what I did and instantly feel validated. It wasn’t until I started working from home and in a more creative environment that fear started to set in. Isn’t it funny that when you start putting steps into place towards your dream + goals that fear begins to find a home in our hearts?  We can’t live under past experiences + past circumstances. The truth is I am enough, you are enough, and if I’m continually identifying what my priorities and passions are then I never need to worry about missing the mark and neither do you. Easier said then done? Sure. But the limitation and weight-bearing stress comes when we live under the lies of we can’t, we won’t, or the reason’s why we shouldn’t. When we start believing that ‘we can’, things begin to shift.

upper west side

Today’s motivation is to reassure you of one truth, so easily forgotten, yesterday is history. Gone. Dunzo. Whatever dream you didn’t see come to pass before, try again with a different approach. Today is a new day with greater opportunity. Let go of the weight holding you back to give yourself the best chance at succeeding (tweet this), because you can do anything. Aching to see a goal + dream fulfilled? Go and get it. You have everything within you to go and do something purposeful and great, but you’ve got to leave the past where it’s been to be left, yesterday.