27th February 2015

Smart women represent

Have you ever been in a room full of powerful women, those full of dreams + vision? The kind that know where they are headed and want to take others on the journey with them. The dreamers filled with enough encouragement + motivation to go around, those that will cheer you on and pull you up? It’s amazing what can happen when the sisterhood of females join arm in arm to tackle life. The tidal wave of movement is felt like an earthquake.

The same confident women, often pack killer style, so in today’s Fancy Find guide we’re sharing our favorite attire for dressing chic + feminine, but meaning business.

Smart women represent

One: Because every sophisticated gal needs a sleek pair of sunnies to protect her eyes from the rays of opportunity and others from her lack of z’s.

Two: This Rouge Pur shade of YSL adds a subtle sass to help kick off those meetings with confidence + style.

Three: This white frayed midi will transition your wardrobe from drab winter to spring in a snap. The best part is this functional piece can be paired with those those items still hanging around from winter and suits most body types.

Four: Say hello to your new favorite jacket to add a touch of glam to every outfit. This crepe woven jacket can be added to even the simplest of ensembles to give it an extra flair and at 14.99, it’s a steal!

Five: How swanky is this duo? It’s the solution for comfortable, yet appropriate office attire. The colour + pattern combo also makes both of this pieces versatile their own. Have fun playing match maker.

Six: Lets be honest, most of us have probably been slacking on maintaining our toes during this season. Anyone? This suede chic heel speaks style while disguising our feet for just a little longer.

Seven: To some it may look like your ordinary, everyday tee, but to others it looks like the perfect wardrobe staple. This cotton v-nack can be dressed up or down and mixed with a number of outfits, it’s no surprise if you have more than one go-to.

Eight: Every go-getter needs a case to keep her iPad, filled with her whereabouts and to-dos, safe and sound.

Here’s to filling those closets with all things gorgeous + glam.  We hope this will be a dose of inspo to finish off your week on a high and see you through to another beautiful weekend. Remember you’ve got everything you need within you to see those dreams come to life + flourish.