20th July 2016

Being okay with okayest

In an Instagram, filter heavy, social driven world, perfection seems like the new normal. This culture of selfies is fun (hallelujah to those filters that hide my tired eyes) but it’s also false. No I didn’t wake up like this.

Anyone else feel like they’re spinning their little wheels as fast as they can just to simply keep up and live up to an expectation that we’ve most likely put on ourselves? Guilty as charged here.

This truth hit me leading up to saying “I do” and it’s still a work in progress every. single. day. Just because our world is dotted with what seems like the perfect body, the perfect marriage and the perfect woman fulfilling her purpose with not a hair out of place, the truth is we live in an imperfect world and perfection is just not attainable.¬†Although we should strive for our personal best, we have to be okay with not being perfect. ¬†Truth is we will always fall short, always mess up and at some point disappoint, it’s inevitable. That’s where grace comes in and thank goodness for that.

Okayest Wife

I’m thankful for that, that my okayest husband (who is perfectly imperfect in my eyes) loves me just the same. We strive to show the same grace to each other that was promised to us on the day we were created.

So pressures off, it’s time that we grab hold of that truth, that we start living more purposeful lives and let go of perfection. We don’t have ten arms we only have two, so we must do the next good thing with passion and think less of what others opinions are. We must keep putting one foot in front of the other instead of comparing. We have to learn to be okay with not being perfect.

So instead of striving for perfection, why not strive to be our personal best and sprinkle grace when things don’t quite swing the way we would like, k?