18th July 2016

5 reasons to take part in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Mark your calendars for July 22nd. Why? Christmas in July strikes again with the biggest sale of the year, cue Nordstrom Anniversary sale (#Nsale). It’s the perfect time to stock up on your favourite items, snag those pieces you’ve had your eye on OR get new fall staples at a discounted price.

Whatever your reason, whatever your excuse, set your alarm! Your favourite pieces are likely someone else’s front runners and WILL sell out. If you’re a Nordstrom card holder there’s something extra special for YOU! You get early access to this goodness and can start filling your bag now!

If a great sale isn’t enough to get you excited here are some other reasons we find this once a year sale beneficial:

ONE | It’s never too early to start your Christmas shopping. With all of the special someones on your list it’s the perfect opportunity to get them something extra special this year while saving some pennies.

TWO | The new school year begins in just a few weeks so why not begin that back to school shopping ahead of the game?

THREE | Stock up! If you’re like us and have that favourite go-to face wash or holy grail makeup item, it’s time to stock up on those items that rarely go on sale.

FOUR | Fall fashion is a fan favourite so why not go ahead and purchase some of those staple items for your autumn and winter wardrobe this year? With the new items at fraction of the price you can afford to add some new statement pieces to your capsule.

FIVE | Saving is so much fun. The running joke around our house is that I often tell the hubs how much I’ve saved before how much I’ve spent. Of course the follow-up question is inevitable, but if you’re going to be purchasing items for any of the reasons above then why not save while doing so!

Here are some of the things on our hit list –  first up I’m sharing the Nordy sale for all of the staples. Stay tuned for the round up of our favourite gift giving items and statement pieces.

Dying  to know what’s on your list? #Nsale



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