20th January 2016

Little yeses turn into big dreams

Dreams. They come at a high price. Sometimes the cost is time, sometimes its money but the majority of the time it’s about using your “noes” more frequently than your “yeses” and choosing the uncertain road over the easy one. It’s a lot about giving something your undivided attention, time and hustle and little about luck.

Just last week Stephen and I were in Atlanta for the gift market. It’s a place crammed full of creative people, a sky scraper full of dreamers seeing what they once envisioned in their hearts purchased by others who admire their work. Think of how proud and accomplished each and every creator must feel. The atmosphere is so intoxicating and every time we leave I feel as if I have a renewed energy and refreshed excitement (and super sore feet!). But with every new launch these artists must create something brand new, something different and unique that make their products stand out from the rest and I can only imagine how intimidating that must feel. To know that you’ve given it your all and created your best only to have to find something new and even better for the next season ahead.

write down goals

Last night I was discussing with Stephen how anxious the new year makes me feel and it reminded me of our time in Atlanta. Each new year is like that new product awaiting to be created. With hearts so full of dreams, there’s so much potential. But if you’re not careful the blank canvas, open book to a new year can easily overwhelm you. It certainly does that to me. The thought of a new beautiful book awaiting to be scribed upon gives me butterflies. I want it to be grand, meaningful and something so purposeful that the ordinary seems unimportant and a waste of time. That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks, the little things matter. If we give our time, attention and best to a bunch of little things it will eventually create the big purposeful thing. Everyday might not seem like a page out of a bestselling novel, but soon after doing a bunch of right things we can look back at how even the little moments of our journey formed something so beautiful. 

I came across this clip in one of my social feeds today and thought it was so relevant. So this season when you begin to feel overwhelmed just remember that your little “yeses” can lead to something greater. Refocus on what makes you the happiest and stirs excitement in your heart and let nothing stand in your way. It doesn’t have to be grand to be purposeful.