1st September 2013

Decorating with a blank canvas

When we moved into our new build house I was overwhelmed at where to begin in terms of making this house ours + turning the blank canvas into something which reflects the both of us. I vaguely had an idea of how I wanted each room to feel but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where to begin + more importantly how to relay my vision to my husband. Here are a few tips that help me to tackle this journey to create something beautiful. 

1. Start with a mood board. This was SO incredibly helpful. Sure I have Pinterest which helps for inspiration, but old fashioned collages and a mood board for each room helped me convey what ideas + expectations were floating around in my head. Stephen was then able to agree or disagree on the themes and contribute to choosing parts to fill the rooms. And we were both happy, that’s an important one. 

2. Begin with the neutrals. Although we might change it up later, we started with a white couch [I may regret this], a wooden rustic dining table, stone colored chairs etc. These staples can be paired with other stand out pieces and still flow. 

3. Cha-ching items. There are a few pieces that can be especially effective + stand out when you walk into a home, and then there are those other pieces like Ikea items that will will do [I’ll get to this pronto]. For us it was an industrial chandelier, for you it might be a rug, pinpoint whatever it is you adore and then let some of the other smaller items be your compromise to keep you from breaking the bank. 

4.  Make IKEA yours. Let’s face it this place can be a life saver but at the same time a tad overwhelming. Plan what you are going in for + decide how to make it yours. Sometimes just replacing the door handles can make the item look great and it lets you add your own sense of style.  Another easy way of  turning an Ikea product into a more original piece is by painting a door a striking color and lining the inside with stunning wallpaper. Whatever you choose, make ikea your own.

5. Hurry up and wait. I think once you’ve chosen some staple pieces and you aren’t in the actual pad yet you just have to wait and settle in. Next on the list will be choosing the fun accessories ie. curtains, lamps, a few additional end tables, mirrors … you get the picture.

What are some of your house decorating tips?