16th March 2015

Healthy habits for a busy week

So you want to be healthy and eat clean, but there’s never enough time in the day. You’re trying your best to resist that sugar craving come midday, but temptation triumphs over willpower. We’ve all been there. The 24 hour round-the-clock world that we live in means our weeks can quickly become packed with responsibilities and tasks. Even the things we enjoy can feel like a burden and replace any trace or desire of living a healthier lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, and although we’re no pros, we have a few simple tips that you can implement that will have you feeling a little less lethargic and defeated, and a lot more energetic and healthy.

One: Have a game plan. It may seem obvious but this one can trip one up every time. If there is nothing in the house, it’s tempting to eat whatever’s in. Let’s be honest, that typically leaves us with the nutritious options. Nutella come to mind? Make a shopping list and ensure you have the right foods on hand. Also try planning out your meals for the week. For most, Sunday feels like the last day before the work week begins so carve our sometime to plan your meals and the days + times you would like to squeeze in a workout. Typically if this schedule is written down and communicated with your partner, your friend or plotted into your outlook, than you’ll be more likely to see it through. 

Two: Prepare. If this step isn’t done it’s an easy excuse for not following through. It’s true that if you ‘don’t plan, then you plan to fail’. Maybe it’s making sure your lunch is made, packed and ready to go. Same with the gym, by getting your gym clothes together and taking them with you, you eliminate the chances of skipping it all together. Make sure to prepare these things for the next day and chances are you’re already more likely to succeed.

Three: Change it up. The same gym routine, like the same healthy foods, get extremely boring after a while. Try to find something different that you might enjoy, maybe you substitute your cardio with an upbeat spinning class or you update your usual salad with a sushi wrap or couscous dish.

Two healthy recipes to shake up your lunchtime menu

tuna melt

Mix the tuna with one tablespoon of light mayo + salt/pepper. Slice the tomatoes and scoop the tuna on top of each slice. Next, top with a piece of cheese and zap in the microwave for a minute. You’ll soon have an effortless, yet healthy lunch.

shrimp couscous

Cook the couscous as directed. Next, top with shrimp, a handful of chopped green olives and two sun-dried tomatoes chopped. To finish, sprinkle with feta cheese and a few dashes of balsamic vinegar. A super delicious and filling meal.

Healthy habits take time to establish, but by implementing a few at a time you’ll be on your way to a healthier weekday routine. And the bonus? It leaves you feeling less guilty when the weekend hits and all you can think of is a nice glass of rosé and a burger. Everything in moderation friends!

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