15th April 2015

African Safari Attire

We can’t wait to share with you our South African getaway guides that are sure to convince you that this gem-of-a-country should be added to your travel list. The landscape, the culture and the food …oh the cuisine… will surely be enough to have you planning a trip, no doubt. Then throw in some of the biggest and fiercest animals to the mix and you’ve got a bucket list adventure awaiting you. So in tune with all things hakuna matata, here’s our African Safari fancy find guide.

Best thing about this guide? This trend is currently on the catwalk, so even if you aren’t packing your bags for the bush you’ll still look fashionable this season.

African safari getaway guide

ONE: You must not forget the sunnies to allow you to see the animals in all of their glory without being blinded by the African sun.

TWO: Despite this shoe being an ultra comfortable option for safari or a wilderness trek, it also gives back. The Tom’s ‘One for One‘ model will help a person in need with every purchase you make. For a more chic look try the new stucco leather sneaker, or for the more traditional avenue select the classic canvas option which comes in a variety of colours, either will complete this rugged casual look perfectly.

THREE: When heading into the bush it’s important to keep your arms covered and the nights and early mornings can be quite cool. Adorning your attire with one of these options will keep those arms bug free and the shoulders warm. Both the waterfall jacket, and the linen blend jacket, will be versatile enough to withstand the warm days and cool evenings.

FOUR: Because every ranger needs a suitable hat. This is especially necessary on those early morning game drives when bed head and sleepy eyes have had no chance to wake up.

FIVE: When comfort is key and those legs must stay covered, jeans are just out of the question. Opt for a plazzo pant or a harem trouser, both will provide comfort, class, and cover those legs from the mosquitos.

SIX: And of course, a scarf for those cool evenings.

SEVEN: A simple tee is a required addition to a safari wardrobe. It allows you to layer as needed and it’s versatile enough to be added to a combination of different outfits.

EIGHT: This Longchamp Le Pliage backpack makes for the perfect place to store everything you might need while out on a long drive or trek. Cameras, extra batteries, chap stick, sunscreen, bug spray; whatever you might need to keep you comfortable and allow you to just take everything in. And, if you just so happen to get it a little dirty, it’s the easiest fabric to wipe clean.