16th February 2015

à la olive.

It’s not pastel nor floral patterns that will have us gushing this spring. Step aside orange, it seems olive is the new black. Taking hints from Marissa Webb and all things NYFW, it seems this hue is here to stay. What used to be thought of as an autumn staple is blooming two seasons earlier this go around.

olive hue

What does this mean for our wardrobes you ask?

Well lean your pretty little ears this way as we convince you to add this shade to your repertoire of style sensibility.

This tint is what we like to call universal type O. It compliments the spectrum of skin tones, from fair skin to sun-kissed, and certainly brings out the best of almost every skin + hair color combo.

Right alongside of our friends leopard, greige, and marsala – you can now consider olive another neutral. It compliments a variety of bold color combos, or pair it with stripes to create a daring duo that will speak volumes about your style.

Khaki’s been replaced by its greener cousin, chances are we have this hue in our closet from last autumn which lets us save our pretty pennies for those killer sandals we’ve been eyeing up. Freshen up this look with a pair of shorts, white skinnies, or maybe even a maxi to help transition your look seamlessly from winter to spring.

olive hues

So if you’re wanting to stand chromatically correct this season go paint the town olive m’dear. Here’s to spring making her appearance real soon and you looking ultra très chic.