19th February 2015

Beauty redefined by confidence + self-love

In our last Beauty Redefined post we talked a lot about image, what the mirror says and the enemy of comparison. A lethal duo for starters. Today we are discussing beauty in the form of self-worth and confidence. A powerful duo that many women sadly lack.

beauty in confidence

Although outward style + beauty doesn’t define us, it does matter and it enables our own personality to shine through. Think of the matte red lipstick that one can flaunt so flawlessly, or the woman who has the guts to strut those sequined leggings as if she’s just stepped off the runway. Maybe it’s noticed in the way one pairs her sneaks with a dress and channels that effortless chic style oh-so perfectly. It’s stunning. Not because of what’s being worn but because of the confidence of the one wearing it. Not due to the hair color, the size, shape or portions of a woman, but how she carries herself. Our own personal style can exude elegance, it can begin to tell our story for us before a word is spoken. What we wear and the assurance we have when adorning ourselves in a select style can speak authenticity, integrity, and dignity.

Beauty in this manner is having an adequate dose of self-love, it’s about appreciating each and every inch of our skin because the scars, the wrinkles and the way we were so intricately created, is all part of our story. It’s evidence of trials, reminders of triumphs, and assurance that what we each bestow will never go out of trend. The brutal world can try to steal our joy, but our identity and what we exude from the inside out will never fade.

beauty redefined

When you unleash the true you – the you, you were created to be – big things will happen, just watch and see. People will be moved by your contagious spirit, your confidence will spur theirs, and your spirit will create a conviction for others to find their purpose. A domino effect of sisters uniting and championing one another. Celebrating femininity for its value and worth to the world. Enough to create a tidal wave of movement within our culture.