25th March 2015

What’s your Brew?

In a world so consumed by social, labels, and 24 hour on-the-go mentality, it’s so easy to miss the heart of others. Don’t get me wrong these outlets, and this web 2.0 world, is a beautiful thing. We now have ways to keep us in touch with loved ones near and far like never before. This virtual world provides us with opportunities to connect with our next business partner, introduce us to a new best friend, or help us to launch our next big idea. But what is often brushed over, lost, and neglected is the heart of others. It can cause you to feel like you know someone without ever really getting to see, who they really are and the story that they keep.

It’s obvious that in a world where anyone can access any of the information put out into cyberspace, that we must be cautious. However, what if we lifted the veil just a little. What if we revealed a little more about what’s stirring in our hearts? What if we wore our hearts on our sleeve for a day to share with those what has set us apart, made us unique, the things we dream of, what we aspire to achieve and what makes our heart skip a beat? How invigorating would it be to get a better glimpse of those that you think you ‘know’?

Whats your Brew

The beautiful thing is that you’ll probably discover that some are on a similar journey. You’ll learn that there are others who can relate to certain struggles + challenges. It may even be revealed how you can better encourage, better lift up in prayer and more precisely cheer on those that you follow. 

I consider myself blessed to have made so many ‘friends’ with those I’ve never even met in person. The social world is a beautiful thing. How much more inspiring would it be if we could better rally behind, and unite with, our fellow sisters [and bros – hey fellas].

So this is where ‘What’s Your Brew’ comes into play.

The definition of a ‘BREW’ by Webster’s terms is “a mixture of events, people, or things which interact to form a more potent whole.”

Our definition on The Brew is the same, yet different, and goes like this, “The Brew is a captivating blend of flavourful and encouraging tidbits designed to inspire dreams and to stimulate purpose.”

We all have different experiences, dreams, testimonies and a story to share with the world, someone-somewhere could be changed + inspired by you, sharing yours. I’d love for you to join us throughout the month of April to share your story, in one post, on Instagram or Facebook, in ten-twenty bullet points using the hashtag #WhatsYourBrew. Strip away the labels and let your light shine. Give the world an opportunity to get a glimpse of your heart, who you are, and what ingredients make up your ‘BREW’ [story].

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