9th July 2014

The perfect Pimm’s Cup

Picture this –  sun beaming, wind gently whispering, soulful tunes humming in the background, laughter filling the air and the grill sending out an aroma that’s enough to make your mouth water. Basically you have yourself the perfect summer’s day. The only thing missing is a refreshing drink to keep you cool and your spirits high. Today I’m here to solve this problem in the form of one of my favourite British concoctions, a Pimm’s cup.

The Brits may be known by many as quite the conservative bunch but if there’s one thing they do pride themselves on its tradition. And as tradition would have it, it’s not truly a summertime celebration without this fruity aperitif.

To create this Pimmsical cocktail you’ll need the following :
Handful of fresh mint
Granny Smith apple
Schweppes Lemonade or if a US resident you can substitute with Sprite
Bottle of Pimm’s, again, if residing in the States try your local beverage store from the looks of it most now carry this beverage. 
The only thing left to do is invite your friends around, fire up the barbie & soak up the sunshine!