2nd November 2015

A beautiful masterpiece

Last month worked called S away from home for a few weeks so I decided to take a trip to Florida to soak up some precious time with family and friends. It was a treat. A way overdue treasured treat.

During my time away I got a taste of what it’s like to be completely independent again and I’m not sure I liked it. I felt like I was missing part of who I am. Which really didn’t surprise me because we are called to become ‘one’ and all, but I like to convince myself that I have it together 100% of the time. Or at least 99.9%. I also started to convince myself that it was wrong to feel this way and that I needed to suck it up and press on. While in some ways pieces of that are true, in many ways it was normal and affirmative to be feeling the way I did. I felt weak, I felt empty, and in some ways I felt alone. That’s when the people in your world have the opportunity to show you love and shower you with encouragement.

In the stillness over those two weeks (while laying on the beach or poolside – hello sunshine) I was reminded of the purpose, the plan and the role that the Lord is letting me play in his beautiful work. When a small town girl like me chose to marry an English prince like S the Lord already knew the challenges that were before me, yet He trusted me to walk them.

Florida beaches

He also knew before I was created that He would call me away from home and push me out of my comfort zone. He knew well before I did, that home would be more about the relationships and less about the landscape.

He knew that there would be friends in another country that would surround and strengthen me, and those that would need my words during a crisis or would need me to share a smile during a turbulent day.

He knew well before the moments surrounded me that I would feel homesick and daydream of those back home, but that’s when He always comes through and shows me a glimpse of my purpose.

He already knew that I would fail and disappoint, but He also knew that I would get back up and find strength to press on. He knew that I would need someone like S to be my helpmate and my best friend. And He already knows what my purpose + future here looks like even when I can’t see the next stroke.

He has it all mapped out as part of His indescribable + beautiful masterpiece and still He chose me to see it through.

But what humbles me the most is that we are each a part of His calling, His purpose, His plan and His ultimate thread of art. (Tweet thisNo matter where you find yourself this Monday be assured of this, you’re apart of this masterpiece. Be assured that you are right were you supposed to be. Even if it’s in a season of uncertainty, stillness, mundane, loneliness, because if we’re honest with ourselves, we know that those are the seasons that grow us, strengthen us and prepare for the great things ahead. This big beautiful world needs you, your talents and love.

Never forget it!