Weekending Readings

grace + love
8th July 2016

Grace + Love

What to say when you’re on a fast topsy-turvy ride and desperate to get off? Make it stop. That’s exactly what those in the US (all of us for that matter) are pleading this morning as we wake to another unimaginable incident of gun violence.… Read the rest

weekending reads
10th June 2016

Here’s to daydreams + weekends

There’s a thrill that comes from discovering new places + opening your eyes to a different culture and new landscape. As we were wrapping up our holiday and preparing to head back home I stumbled upon a quote that became so real to me, “It’s a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”.… Read the rest

meg and tara
18th May 2016

Joy of hosting

As you might have noticed we’ve taken an unforeseen blogging vacation this past week. We’ve had a syrupy sweet 15-year-old with us and we’ve been showing her all the best parts of the UK in true American fashion, non-stop travel.… Read the rest