1st July 2016

A week in alliterations + Weekending Reads

Who can complain when weeks are full of positive alliterations? It makes this writing lover’s heart swoon. Late nights, Lola babes and love songs with Lionel Richie made for a busy week.

Let me explain…

Ever had those weeks that you think back and have to really think where the last few days have gone? We’ve had an abundance of those weeks lately. Definitely not complaining but our tired eyes are proof. Monday night we put on our hosting hats and even though the weather showed otherwise, this mezze platter gave off some summer vibes.

mezze platter

We also added a new member to our family, Lola. She’s the sweetest, most adorable bundle of joy that we’re completely smitten over. She’s spoiled rotten but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


To top our week off we went to see Mr.Lionel Richie in concert. Umm I want his vitamins! That 60+ bundle of energy has still got it. And can we talk about all of the hits?

So that’s that, our full week caused for little to no blogging time but we’re back! Next week I’ll be bringing you the best of Capri, a dose of encouragement + a little progress on my 30 before 30 list.

Stay tuned, but until then here’s a few little things that you can add to your weekend reading list.

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PSA: Let the fireworks begin, Jcrew is celebrating the 4th with a massive sale!

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