17th April 2015

Toasting to a beautiful weekend

iced tea 1

Friday, sweet Friday. Time to clock out and exhale. You’ve made it. The weekend is so close you can taste it. Although I’m feeling a slight case of the holiday blues, the sun has been showing its face a lot more frequently so things in the land of rain aren’t all so bad. That, paired with the sweetest sampling of some classic Otis Redding and a big mason-jar-sized sweet iced tea, is there a better way to welcome the start of warmer weather? Not sure there is!

If you follow me on Instagram┬áit’s obvious South Africa captured my heart. We’re working on bringing you the best of our trip bottled up in a getaway guide, not an easy task. There’s just so much to see and take in. Bottom line, you’ve gotta go!

Whether you’re dreaming up your next travel adventure or sitting at the dock of the bay, here’s a little reading material from around the web this week.

Fear not daydreamers and doodlers, it seems procrastination can actually do wonders for your career. Who would’ve thought?

Easily per’suede’d’? We think you’ll be convinced to add a piece of this fabric to your wardrobe this summer after reading this + this.

This sounds like the perfect addition to a Sunday brunch.

Time’s has released its 100 most influential list, see who made the cut. Any surprises to you?

Well doesn’t this just melt your heart!

In the midst of starting your own business? This ‘Be Inspired‘ edition is for you.

A ‘Tale As Old As Time” is coming to our big screen, the proof is in the pudding as the cast release their first ‘official’ photo.

Next week on the blog: we kick-off Monday with a giveaway from one of my favourite brands and an interview with the beauty behind the bangle, we’ll be sharing what we learned from Julia Kendall at the Ideal Home Show and we’ll be bringing you a getaway guide to the Western Cape.

Have a fab weekend!

T xx