8th July 2016

Grace + Love

What to say when you’re on a fast topsy-turvy ride and desperate to get off? Make it stop. That’s exactly what those in the US (all of us for that matter) are pleading this morning as we wake to another unimaginable incident of gun violence. I feel like it was only yesterday that we were mourning the horrific events in Orlando and now we find ourselves here yet again in Dallas. It’s got to stop, something must be done.

The words that I’ve written before only seem fitting again today…

The single, one thing, that we can do to stamp out this hate is to love. It’s not enough to just choose love or speak love, but be the love. To face every discussion, decision, dilemma, circumstance and individual with a sacrificial love for our brothers + sisters. At the end of the day we were all created from the same dust, created with equal attention, and with a unique and special purpose.

Even those words don’t seem enough for everyone still mourning the events in Orlando, Minnesota, Louisiana and now Dallas. But it’s times like these that we need to link arms with our brothers, our sisters, despite colour, despite ethnicity, despite background and anything else. We’ve got to start showing more love, a lot more grace, and heaps of compassion. It can begin with one. The one becomes two; the two three; three villages and villages cities, and cities turn into states, states turn into affecting law makers and politicians and before you know it we’re a different country. The country that leads by example. One that others aspire to come to, that others want to mimic themselves by.


praying for peace. for grace. for love.

Squeeze those you love a little tighter this weekend, spend some time in prayer, and then while you shut off from a busy work week, a crazy schedule, or the normal chaos of life, why not skim some of these reads that have caught our eye this week.

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