26th February 2015

Sights of Stockholm

What do you get when modernity meets tranquility on an idyllic archipelago? You get the unassuming, beautiful city of Stockholm. Every so often we¬†have the opportunity of visiting places that are least likely to make it on the top of our never-ending travel lists, maybe for business or for a family gathering of some kind.… Read the rest

Bath city center
26th January 2015

A Bath getaway

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family holiday or a city break, Bath, is a unique and quaint city that checks all of the boxes.

From the home to the Roman Empire in the UK to the birthplace of Jane Austen’s inspiration , Bath holds a breadth of history and remains a unique, quaint and stunning¬†city destination.… Read the rest

5th December 2014

New York City

There is something truly magical about this city, there’s a buzz that fills the air like no other place in all of the world. There’s no mystery behind why so many talented musicians penned songs about it and why film after film uses this landscape as it’s backdrop, it’s obvious.Read the rest

packing luggage
17th November 2014

Pack like pro

Perhaps you’re heading to see your best gal pals for a weekend away, or maybe you’ve been told by your better half that he’s whisking you away on some kind of three day fairy tale adventure?… Read the rest

22nd September 2014

California Coast

This time last year we packed our cases + jet-setted across the plains of America and touched down in California. We expected sunshine, good times, beaches and even breathtaking scenery but we didn’t expect it to completely capture our hearts.… Read the rest