6th June 2017

Far East Adventure

Well hello there. It’s been some time, since we’ve graced this page. If you’re a follower of any of our Instagram pages you’ll know that we’ve been on an exciting, slightly unexpected, definitely unplanned jetset life this Spring/Summer.

At the beginning of each new year S and I sit down to dream up what our year might look like and, with my hand held on my heart, I can say that these last few months have been full of unexpected surprises. We shouldn’t be surprised, because as you’ll know life is never that simple and certainly never that easy. I’ll touch more on this in one of the upcoming posts, but lets just say that our IVF journey continues to take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. However, there’s almost always a silver lining, something good that unravels from what we see as disappointment.

All of that brings us to this, our sprinkle of sunshine amidst a crazy season is that things lined up and meant that I was able to accompany my hubs on a business trip to China, and while we were at it we threw in some vacation days to explore Hong Kong.

S makes about 4 trips a year to China for business. Every time he packs his bags for another work trip I’m always tempted to sneak in his luggage (or more realistically to book a last minute trip). I knew that the only way to fully grasp what he does over there was to see for myself firsthand because, although I tease, he assures me it’s no vacation.

As life would have it and the way circumstances unfolded meant that for the first time I was able to tag along. Here’s a little recap of our Far East Adventure…

Far East Adventure 2

I put on my brave pants and willed myself to try anything local, because when in Rome…

Far East Trip - 2

Well… except this. I drew the line here.

Far East Trip - 3

We also got to spend a few vacation days in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. I wasn’t sure what to expect, it was never really on my travel radar, so I’m not sure if it was the little expectation or the magnitude of the city, but I was blown away. From the breathtaking skyline to the heart of the people and the juxtaposition of everything you could expect or want in a big metropolis, yet a culture rooted in historic Chinese traditions and full of character. Safe to say we loved our short jaunt to HK.

Far East Adventure - 4

Far East 8

The sites, the show stopping skyline, the breathtaking coast + quaint countryside, all paled in comparison to a dinner we had on night two. My family took in a sweet little 10 year old Chinese exchange student over seven years ago and we got to meet and share a meal with his mom and dad. They came across from Shenzen to meet us and brought with them an interprator to ease the conversation. It was one of those special moments when two worlds collided and things came full circle. In those moments our world seems so much smaller, but oh how my desire for traveling and meeting new people + experiencing new cultures, that much greater.

meeting James Family

This trip will forever be etched in my heart, but I have a funny feeling it won’t be the last time we take a trip to this part of the globe.

Have you ever been to China or Hong Kong? Would you be interested in what to do on a three day visit to HK?