17th May 2017

Brewing Tunes – May playlist

Where have we been you ask? Well, the travel bug met with some of life’s circumstances and it meant I got to put on my out-of-office and head clear across the world for three whole weeks. That time flew by, but it was so sweet. It was filled with new experiences, new cultures, sweet friendships and gorgeous scenery. Updates on all of that fun stuff to follow over the next few weeks.¬†Until then, here’s this. A new playlist for May, because it’s still May and better late than never hey?

Brewing Tunes - May playlist

This month’s playlist is one to throw on when you call around all of your favourite people to gather in the backyard for a summer evening of good food and good wine. England may not have a whole lotta’ sunshine, but it does show off every summer when it gives us long summer nights. As in the sun didn’t fully set until 9:30pm last night, good stuff right? So as I turn on this playlist, you can find me dreaming up our next barbeque. Full of laughter, long nights, good conversations, sips of vino and of course, sweet tunes!

Here’s to firing up the grill!

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